Liquidity Market Guide

Syncus DAO provides a liquidity market on the zkSync Era chain: This allows SYNC holders to get liquidity out of their SYNC and liquidity providers to earn SYNC rewards.

Using zkSync Era

To get funds on zkSync Era it is recommended to use one of these bridges:

Trading SYNC on zkSync Era happens through the SYNC/ETH SyncSwap pool:

The SYNC token contract on zkSync Era is:

Liquidity market

Continuing on about the liquidity market that exists of two sides: supplying and borrowing.


First a user can choose one of the whitelisted asset to supply to the protocol.

This will lead to:

  • Supply APY in the supplied asset;

  • Rewards APY in $SYNC;

  • Supplied tokens being used as collateral.

The SYNC rewards can be claimed at any given moment by clicking the 'CLAIM' button:

The supply APY will be scooped up once the user decides to withdraw their supplied position. In the 'Your supplies' menu it is also possible to turn off using a supplied asset as collateral, though this will affect general Borrowing Power and more importantly the Health Factor of borrowed positions.


Once a user has supplied collateral, it is possible to start borrowing by picking a whitelisted asset.

In the 'Your borrows' menu the debt is displayed and the option to repay on the position which will lower the Health Factor.

Health Factor

Before confirming the borrow transaction, the Health Factor of the position will show.

This can also be seen on top of the page.

The 'RISK DETAILS' button explains at what moment the positions get liquidated.

Reserve status & configuration

When navigating to 'Details' on any asset, the reserve status and configuration page will show up. This shows all relevant info regarding the token, such as the oracle price, supply and borrow info and the interest rate model.

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